Landscaping Canterbury & Surrounding Areas

Even though we rarely get great weather here in Canterbury, we still absolutely love our gardens! Unfortunately, between our busy lives, the weather and the seasons, we don’t often find the time to care for our gardens as much we possibly should. At Stephen Willey Building Services in Canterbury we specialise in helping you build or remodel the home, and the garden of your dreams. If you are building a home from scratch you’ll need to plan the outside space too, letting the personal touches you have dedicated to the interior of your dream home to flow through to outside, right up to your property’s boundary wall!

As we have just celebrated the longest day of 2019, and the sun shining that little bit brighter and for that little bit longer with temperatures on the up, there are signs that we’re in for an incredible summer, although that may just be wishful thinking! With the improved weather we are focusing more on our gardens and our outside space. Our outside space is where we entertain, we relax, where we enjoy a bit of nature, and where most of us spend hours upon hours mowing, planting, potting and pruning.

For many of us, to get the most out of our gardens and as a way to protect our lawns from heavy footfall, that means installing some impressive-looking decking or a patio. Decking has been popular this year and it is a great choice. It’s a hardwearing, attractive and a stable base for your garden furniture and BBQ. You will need to be aware though that decking does take a real beating from the elements and regular usage, so we can also give you advice on how to protect and treat your investment. 

We can give you a quote on landscaping your garden, laying a patio or decking, or even to discuss an extension to turn some of your less-used outside space into usable inside space.

For more information on how we could make your home and garden an amazing place to live, relax and enjoy, please don’t hesitate to get in touch. All quotations are free of charge with no obligation, we’ll let you know the full extent of the work that needs to be carried out. Tel: 01227 283303 or 07836 549650